Wattero is working to enable energy sharing in rural Africa.

Wattero develops software which allows for energy trading in local solar home system networks. Our marketplace for energy sharing leads to economic growth and empower local communities.

What we do


Plan and develop solar projects with local partners.


Our partners distribute and ensure that high-quality solar products are installed.

Repayment Plans

Our partners offer flexible repayment plans to the end-users customers.


Our marketplace allows for the end-user to sell or buy surplus energy to/from the neighbour, via their phone.

Energy Sharing

By selling energy in the network the end-user generates increased income and by having the opportunity to buy energy, the customer can use energy based upon their needs.


A marketplace for energy sharing leads to economic growth and empower local communities.

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Our Recent Project - Godjiboue

In February 2018, the project was launched with the installment of 75 solar kits, giving 350 people in Godjiboué access to high-quality solar energy kits. Wattero was involved in all aspects of the project from project planning, fundraising, and its actual implementation. The project was successfully completed in March 2019.

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Our Team

Meet our hard-working team. The Wattero team is comprised of people of various backgrounds and we are based in Oslo, Trondheim, and Abidjan. We are motivated by the possibility of providing affordable, solar energy to people who need it, enabling development, empowerment, and sustainability.

Espen Wattero


Chief Technology Officer
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Stava Wattero


Chief Executive Officer
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Kjersti Wattero


Business Developer
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Simen Bjørndalen


Chief Financial Officer
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Brian Doyle


Lead Programmer
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Sujan Devkota


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